Caliber Home Loans


Debrah and Robert came to us when their home was in an active foreclosure requesting that we help bring them current on their loan and prevent sale. They were approved for a Freddie Mac Exception Modification that will bring them current and out of foreclosure.


Marty was approved for a HAMP Modification, Old: $2,996.31, New: $2,706.28, a savings of $290.03 a month. The rate was reduced from 10.6% to 7.6%, The Modification brought the loan current after a past due of $246,237.46, 60 payments behind.


Payment reduced from $895.74 to $845.69, a savings of $50.05 a month but will bring her current and allow her to start to make payments again. Interest rate will remain at 9.0%. Karen was not able to make a payment for 15 months due to losing a lot of income because her husband had passed away.


Approved for 5 year short-term mod., Oldt: $1,214.56, New: $801.28; Old rate: 11%, New rate: 4.5%; Principal Balance: $83,066.98, $25,424.76 was deferred.

New Jersey

Karen was Approved for 5yr interest-only loan, IR 4.035%, mortgage $893.38, ancillary $438.13, total payment $1,331.51


Allen was approved for a Interest Only Modification, Old: $1,089.00, New: $446.63, a reduction of $642.37 a month, rate down from 8.4% to 4.0%, Allen was 15 months past due.

North Carolina

Sherry was almost 2 years behind after losing income due to the economy. Her modification brought her current, and lowered her payment by $99.14 each month, down to $403.23 from her original payment of $502.37.


Jocelyn is saving $667.24 per month. Her payment was lowered from $1601.80 to $934.56.


Tyronza was paying $1069.87 each month. He is now paying $688.16 each month, saving him $381.71.


Stephen fell behind due to a loss of income and an increase in expenses due to some health issues. He was able to become current after falling almost 2 years behind, and is able to save $185.56 each month as his payment was lowered from $1,379.00 to $1193.44.


Sandra was paying $855.33 each month on her mortgage, plus $88.17 on her taxes, and had an interest rate of 9.990%. Modification lowered her interest rate to 4.00%, and saved her $158.48 each month with a payment of $785.02, which includes her taxes.

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