Carrington Mortgage


New Payments are $454.00, old payments were $736.78. That is a savings of $282.78 a month, Current past due is $27,114.78 with payments due since Nov 2010


Troy was so excited going from his Original Payment $1,073.91 to his New and Approved Payment of $931.00


Dalon lost his job that led him to fall behind on the mortgage. He was able to received a Modification. Payment went from $1,508.06 to $1,184.42, a savings of $323.64 a month.


Michael was approved for an In-House Modification, Old: $1,676.76, New: $1,522.00, was 6 payments behind. Modification brought him current.


Mertie & Albert were paying $1568.00 each month. They were pleased with the lowered payment of $1238.84, which saves them $329.16 a month.


Javier fell 63 months behind and was facing foreclosure. His modification raised his payment from 654.06 to 773.00, but allowed him to remain in his home.


Ralph started with a payment of $1923.91. He is now paying $1290.00, saving him $633.91 each month.

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