Carrington Mortgage


New Payments are $454.00, old payments were $736.78. That is a savings of $282.78 a month, Current past due is $27,114.78 with payments due since Nov 2010


Troy was so excited going from his Original Payment $1,073.91 to his New and Approved Payment of $931.00


Dalon lost his job that led him to fall behind on the mortgage. He was able to received a Modification. Payment went from $1,508.06 to $1,184.42, a savings of $323.64 a month.


Michael was approved for an In-House Modification, Old: $1,676.76, New: $1,522.00, was 6 payments behind. Modification brought him current.


Mertie & Albert were paying $1568.00 each month. They were pleased with the lowered payment of $1238.84, which saves them $329.16 a month.


Javier fell 63 months behind and was facing foreclosure. His modification raised his payment from 654.06 to 773.00, but allowed him to remain in his home.


Kristine’s interest rate was lowered from 5.000% to 4.375% as part of her modification. Her payment increased slightly from $1239.13 to $1285.60. She was excited to have a lower interest rate and to be able to resume payments after falling over a year behind on her payments.

North Carolina

Phyllis fell 2 years behind on her mortgage after losing her job. Even after finding a better paying job, she wasn’t able to get caught up on her past due balance. Her modification brought her current. Even with her payment going up from $588.65 to $855.73, she was happy to remain in her home and begin making her payments again.


Ralph started with a payment of $1923.91. He is now paying $1290.00, saving him $633.91 each month.


Peter & Regina’s payment dropped slightly from $1371.74 to $1314.61

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