John & Judi were paying $785.56 each month before their modification. They now pay $774.10 each month.


Dennis fell behind after some unexpected medical issues depleted his savings and left him out of work for several months. While his modification did raise his payment from $1476.52 to $1529.29, he was happy to be able to remain in his home and start making payments again.


Jerome’s payment was lowered from $2051.39 to $1897.80. He is saving $153.59 each month.


Alice fell behind after her income was reduced. Her payment fell from $3222.28 to $1838.44, saving her $1383.84 a month.


Barbara fell behind after some financial difficulties. Her payment was raised slightly from $577.68 to $604.28, but she was able to save her home from foreclosure, which she was happy about.


Kristina & Charles fell behind after some unplanned expenses left them unable to make their payment for a couple of months. They were unable to catch up without assistance. Their modification brought them current and lowered their payment slightly from $945.50 to $941.02.

New Jersey

Carolyn & Delano’s payment went up from $1795.88 to $1828.25. Their modification brought them current and allowed them to remain in their home.


Yesenia lost her job, causing her to fall 6 months behind on her mortgage. Her modification brought her current. Her payment was raised slightly from $1216.42 to $1292.87, but with her new better paying job, Yesenia was happy to able to resume payments on her home.


Christophe was originally paying $794.48. He was given the choice between 3 different terms for his modified loan, each with their own accompanying payment. His options were a 480 month term with a payment of $619.28, a 360 month term with a payment of $652.58, or a 240 month term with a payment of $724.57. Christophe was excited to have the option to choose was best for him, and more excited that no matter the choice he was saving money each month.


Demetrius fell severely behind due to a loss of income. He was happy that modification helped him save his home, and also lowered his payment from $1869.60 to $1606.06, saving him $263.54 each month.

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