Green Tree


Richard was approved for a HAMP Payment was reduced from $1079.19 to $989.90, Interest Rate dropped from 6.50% to 3.625%


Another successful case with GreenTree.


Borrower was approved for a Streamline modification, Old payment was $726.17, New Payment is $626.61 (escrowed), A monthly savings of $99.56. Was behind 25 payments.


$73,000 of Principal forgiven. Client brough current with new payment of $809, old payment was $1,523


Todd has been approved for an In House modification, Pmt amt $477.10 (not including escrow), Int rate went from 14% to 6%, New maturity date April 2, 2030

New York

The payment reduced from $2,077.22 down to $1,749.44. The rate was reduced from 7.00% to 2.00%. The modification brought the loan current after being past due for 44 months. Charles is happy that he is now able to make payments toward his mortgage once again.


This client received a trial plan that decreased their payment by $760.78 per month. The payment was $1,977.79 to $1,217.01 and the IR was 6.875% to 4%. The client is really happy with the new payment and our services.


Jose received a Modification from GreenTree, Approved for HAMP on 4/16/2014, New payment amount:$1,264.73, Old payment amount: $1,765.35, a savings of $500.62 a month. Past due amount: $19,308.65, 321 days.


Jose and Maria went from making a Payment of $983.89 for P&apm;I. Now they pay $242.43


Brannon and Shelly fell behind due to some unexpected expenses. Their payment was lowered from $1871.34 to $1497.75, saving them $373.59 each month.

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