Marian received a modification agreement that requires her to make payment of $1,469.02 for 3 months starting 10/20/2013. The payment was $1,598.00 and was reduced to $1469.02. This is a savings of $128.98 per month. The client is happy with the mod and will honor this agreement.


Robert was approved for a 24 month Modification. Payment was reduced from $1077.00 to $848.21. Interest Rate was reduced from 6.950% to 2.00%


Joseph received a permanent modification agreement that requires him to make payment of $1,119.07 starting 2/16/2013. The payment was $1,653.95 and was decreased to $1119.07, a savings of $534.88 per month!


Deborah and Queen have been approved for an In House modification with HSBC, payment reduced from $1,946.00 to $1,380.80 (escrowed), a saving of $565.20, file was 18 months past due.

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