Arthur’s payment was raised from $1536.27 to $2065.57. He was happy to be able to stay in his home of many years.


Maria & Jose fell nearly a year and a half behind before their modification brought them current and lowered their payment from $2486.70 to $2025.56, saving them $461.14 each month.


Steven & Wanda fell nearly a year behind on their mortgage after some unexpected expenses. They were unable to pay the full past due amount to bring their account current. Their modification brought them current and lowered their payment from $989.00 to $846.74, saving them $142.26 each month.


Robert & Michaelle had a foreclosure sale date scheduled prior to their modification being approved. They were able to save their home, and are saving money each month since their payment dropped from $998.00 to $749.30.


Lisa received a modification and she needed help because she fell behind due to loss of income and her household expenses increased. Before her modification Lisa was paying her lender $818.80 and she wasn’t able to afford that. Now that she was approved she is paying her lender $617.18. She is now saving a totally of $201.62.


Paul’s payment dropped from $975.00 to $767.50. He was thrilled with the monthly savings of $207.50.


Dennis & Dixie fell over a year behind after some unexpected expenses. Their modification brought them current, and lowered their payment slightly from $681.73 to $616.12.


Eric and Chasadie had a hard time paying their mortgage due to house hold income declined and their monthly expenses increased. Before Eric was paying is lender $1329.32 he is now able to afford his monthly mortgage payments because of his modification, He now pays his lender $1167.14. He is now saving$ 162.18 every month.


Eric fell 3 ½ years behind after his divorce left the household income much lower. Even with a better paying job, he couldn’t catch up the past due balance of over $60,000.00. His modification brought him current, and lowered his payment from $1329.32 to $1167.14.

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