PHH Mortgage


Julian has been approved for an In House Annual Modification, Payment will be $2,867.22, Loan was 39 payments behind, modification brought loan current


Current past due is $16,617.07 without fees, Old $1025.94, New $963.65, Loan will be 40 years with same IR of 7.375


Debra received a HAMP offer for July 2013, but after reviewing we found that before we had submitted a package, her lender made a courtesy offer almost $400 less / month, something not communicated to our office – with persistance we were able to get the original offer reinstated.

New Jersey

New: $2211.04, Old: $2266.36, they were brought current after being behind 7 payments.

New Jersey

Evelyn was was approved with a new payment of $1380.77 (old payment $1748.75) her interest rate was also lowered from 7.330% to 4.00%

New Jersey

Johnny was approved for a HAMP Tier 2 Modification, Old: $832.50 (inc. taxes and insurance paid by borrower), New: $587.54 (escrowed for taxes and insurance), a savings of $244.96 a month. Old Rate: 7.5%, New Rate: 4.75%


Michael and Karen were approved for In-house Modification, Old: $1,508.93, New: $934.14, rate reduced from 5.5% to 4.625%, The modification brought the loan current after being behind 10 payments.

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