Aaron has been struggling with medical bills and suffer a loss of income. After coming along with Preferred law he was able to received a Modification evendo he was 3 years behind. Now he has the chance to start over

North Carolina

Ronald was approved for a Forbearance, new amount: $1103.51, old amount: $1122.00


Charles experienced a loss of income which caused him to fall over 5 years behind, and had roughly $175,000 past due. His modification brought him current without having to pay that all at once, and lowered his monthly payment from $2626.23 to $1927.75, saving him $698.48 each month.


Quinton is saving $294.34 each month. He was paying $1710.09 a month, and is now paying $1415.75 due to his modification.


Jimmy and Jennifer fell 2 years behind after suffering a loss of income. Their payment was raised to $2,261.42 from $1,833.63. They were excited to be able to make payments again and save their home from foreclosure.


Marston and Jean are saving $174.36 each month. Their payment dropped from $871.80 to $697.44.


Cody and Elizabeth were paying $788.65 on their mortgage each month. They fell 13 months behind due to some unexpected expenses. Modification brought them current and lowered their payment slightly to $768.85.


Lilia was excited when her mortgage was brought current through modification after some unexpected expenses put her behind and unable to catch up. She was even more excited to save $72.68 each month as her payment was lowered from $752.63 to $679.95.

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