Marcine was approved for a trial plan. The original payment was $947.52 and it was modified to $768.89 and this is a savings of $178.63 per month. The interest rate is projected to decrease from 5% to 4%. The client is happy with this plan.

Julie received a modification that lowered her payment from $2896.00 per month to $1833.01 per month. This is a reduction of $1062.99 every month!.

Roy was Approved for a Fannie Mae Loan Modification; Old $1107.00, New $1215.08 (insurance included), Old Rate: 4.52%, New Rate: 4.625%

Deborah was approved for a Fannie Mae Mod, Old: $677.07, New: $656.20 (escrowed), Rate remained at 6.875%, file was brought current after being behind for 6 months.

Cheri & Christopher brought current and reduced payment by $330.91

Debra is saving $950.72 every month. Her payment was lowered from $2041.06 to $1090.34. This a monthly savings of roughly 47%!

Leon was out of work for some time due to medical issues, which caused him to fall behind. His original payment was $1019.74. His new payment is $1062.75. Even with the increased payment, Leon was very happy to be able to begin making payments again and be able to remain in his home.

James fell a year behind after some unexpected expenses cropped up. His payment was raised slightly from $578.41 to $589.66, but he was able to remain in his home and prevent foreclosure.

Samuel’s payment dropped from $1555.43 to $1453.80, saving him $101.63 a month.


Beverly was initially paying $794.55. Her payment after modification is $613.48, saving her $181.07 every month.


Benton was facing a foreclosure sale date on his home, and while he was able to afford his payment the lender wouldn’t accept them as he’d fallen behind months before after a workplace injury. His modification saved him from losing his home to foreclosure and allowed him to resume making his payments. Even with a slightly higher payment, $981.74 rather than $952.93, he was thrilled to be able to remain in his home.

William’s payment fell from $959.65 to $714.02, saving him $245.63 each month.

Lloyd and Tracey were paying $1045.17 each month on their mortgage. Their modification gave them three options of what they could be paying, depending on the term of the loan. Their options were a 480 month term with a payment of $702.96, a 360 month term with a payment of $744.63, or a 280 month term with a payment of $835.07. No matter their choice, they save a minimum of $210.10 each month!

Samuel fell almost a year behind due to some unexpected medical expenses. His payment fell from $1,279.07 to $1144.47, saving him $134.60 every month.


Yolanda was paying $813.82 on her mortgage each month. She is now paying $746.32, saving her $67.50 each month.


Cynthia’s mortgage was sold to a new servicer and she was not notified until it had already been 2 months. She couldn’t catch up the payments that had gone unpaid without help. Her modification lowered her payment slightly from $1098.60 to $1086.72, and brought her back to a current status.


Gregory and Judy were having a hard time paying their mortgage due to loss of income for the household. They were in need of help with getting a modification because they weren’t able to afford paying their lender $1156.81. They were happy to receive a modification of paying their lender $970.21 now. They are able to save a totally of $186.60 a month.

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