Vickie was approved for a HAMP, Old: $788.42, New: $450.59, a saving of $337.83 a month. Interest Rate went from 8.250% to 4.75%.


New: $1367.78, Oldt: $1354.05, was past due for $23,094.20. Will be brought current.


Bennie & Roann were paying $2426.38 each month on their mortgage, and had an interest rate of 7.625%. Their modification lowered their payment to $1682.89, and lowered their interest rate to 4.125%. They are now saving $743.49 every month!

New Jersey

Joe and Deborah were able to lower their payment from $3148.05 to $2338.08, saving them $809.97 each month.

New Jersey

Arthur’s modification lowered his payment from $687.95 to $501.05, saving him $186.90 every month!


Ronald and Cynthia are saving $1182.18 each month since their payment dropped from $3235.11 to
$2052.93. This is a savings of 36%!


Rodney’s payment dropped by $294.66 due to his modification. He was paying $858.85, but is now paying only $564.19.

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