Edith was paying $709.95 on her mortgage each month. A reduction in her income left that unaffordable for her, and she fell behind. Her modification brought her current and lowered her payment to $450.37, saving her $259.58 each month.


Jon & Heidi were 32 months behind on their mortgage. Their modification brought them current and allowed them to stay in their home without having to pay their nearly $80,000.00 past due balance.


Perpetua had been paying $6574.18 each month on her mortgage. Her modification lowered her payment to $3311.83, a savings of$3262.35, nearly 50%!


Virginia fell over 5 years behind on her mortgage. While she could easily afford her payment of $1598.26, she was not able to get caught up the over $100,000.00 that was past due on her mortgage. Her modification raised her payment significantly to $2835.12, but allowed her to resume her payments and remain in her home without having to pay the full past due balance up front.


Selina was 2 years behind before her modification and was facing a foreclosure sale date. Her modification saved her home from foreclosure and allowed her to resume making payments. Even with a slightly higher payment, $1186.58 rather than $1104.14, Selina was thrilled to be able to remain in her home of 15 years.


Chris & Melinda were paying $675.76 each month towards their mortgage, and had their taxes and
insurance to pay on top of that, totaling roughly $900.00 each month. With their modification, their mortgage payment of $757.96 includes their property taxes and homeowners insurance. They were thrilled to have making their payment simplified and to be saving roughly $150.00 each month.


Roman had been paying $786.66 each month, but is now paying $664.11. This is a monthly savings of $122.55.

North Carolina

Jocelyn fell 2 years behind on her mortgage and couldn’t catch up. Her modification brought her current, and lowered her monthly payment from $574.89 to $469.26, a monthly savings of $105.63.

Puerto Rico

Juan’s modification lowered his payment from $3273.60 to $2669.92. That’s a monthly savings of $603.68!

South Carolina

Vickie’s payment was lowered from $1052.42 to $1002.50. She was happy to be able to remain in her home and avoid foreclosure.


Kim & Karli were over 2 years behind on their mortgage and were facing foreclosure. Their modification saved their home from being foreclosed, lowered their interest rate for 7 .25% to 2.25%, and adjusted their payment to better fit their needs. Their payment before modification was $472.49 and did not include escrow. Their new payment was $664.37 including escrow.

West Virginia

William & Nancy were a year and a half behind on their mortgage after some unplanned expenses left them unable to make their mortgage payment. Their modification brought them current and lowered their payment slightly from $1005.22 to $997.22.

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