US Bank


Brandi was approved for a Modification from US Bank, New amount: $656.16 with Escrows, Old payment: $669.41


Payment reduced from $1141.00 to $1,004.80, a monthly savings of $136.20. Jennifer was past due 16 months for a total of $16,816.00. The modification will bring her current and allow her to start making payments again. Jennifer is extremely exciting and satisfied.


Stephanie was approved for a HAMP mod, payments were $979.73, payments are now $848.85 a savings of $130.88 a month, interest rate went from 5.250 to 4.75%, term 360 months, past due 8 pmts, past due of approx 7,622.74.


Lance was laid off and unable to make his payments for several months. His modification brought him current without him having to pay the past due balance up front. His payment went up slightly, from $638.83 to $677.91, but he was happy to be able to remain in his home.


Ray & Barbara fell 2 ½ years behind on their mortgage and were unable to catch up without help. Modification raised their payment from $1729.71 to $1914.38, and brought them current. They were happy to be able to make payments again and remain in their home.


Ronald was approved for a HAMP tier 2 Modification, New: $911.84, Old: $1342.07, a difference of $430.23. Was past due: $17959.21, 13 payments. Got brought current.

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