US Bank


Brandi was approved for a Modification from US Bank, New amount: $656.16 with Escrows, Old payment: $669.41


Payment reduced from $1141.00 to $1,004.80, a monthly savings of $136.20. Jennifer was past due 16 months for a total of $16,816.00. The modification will bring her current and allow her to start making payments again. Jennifer is extremely exciting and satisfied.


Stephanie was approved for a HAMP mod, payments were $979.73, payments are now $848.85 a savings of $130.88 a month, interest rate went from 5.250 to 4.75%, term 360 months, past due 8 pmts, past due of approx 7,622.74.


Ronald was approved for a HAMP tier 2 Modification, New: $911.84, Old: $1342.07, a difference of $430.23. Was past due: $17959.21, 13 payments. Got brought current.

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