Wells Fargo


Juan has been approved for a HAMP Tier 1 Modification, payment reduced from $1,638.31 to $845.03, a saving of $793.28, rate reduced from 7.810$ to 2% for Five years, will increase 1% / year until caps at Market Value, also received Principal Forgiveness of $173,013.04


Sonia began experiencing a financial hardship in 2007 when she was laid off, continuing with a string of temp / contract jobs until this year when offered permanent employment. At the time of receiving a modification offer her loan was over a year and a half past due.


Valik was approved for an in house Modification, New: $3,674.47, New: $3,649.45, does not include HOI, was brought current after being behindn$38,000.00, 10 mos behind.


Jason received a modification, his payment was $832.00 and was reduced to $673.24 a savings of $158.76.


Senad was approved for an FHA HAMP Modification, Old: $1,468.98, Newt: $1,175.19 (insurance inc.), a saving of $293.79, rate down from 6.5% to 4.25%


Dana has been approved for a HAMP mod, pmt amt 1070.64 (escrowed), interest rate 4.25, term 320 months.


Lewis Myrick was approved for a MOD with Wells Fargo. Approved for HAMP With principal forgiveness of $105,143.04. New payment is $776.75 with escrow. Was 11 Months behind.


Michael and Pamela were approved for a HAMP modification, rate down from 5.75% to 4.25%, File past due by $39,151.74 with 46 months, Foreclosure was suspended.


Bruce was approved for a modification. His payment was previously $2805.02 and was reduced to $2308.70. That’s a savings of $496.32 a month!


Freddie Mac Mod, payment reduced from $2,805.02 to $ 2,308.70 (escrowed), a savings of $496.32 a month, rate also reduced from 6.625% to 4.625%, 20 months past due, a past due balance of $48,988.72, Bruce’s work hours reduced until laid off in fall 2012.


The payment was $1180.00 and was reduced to $1004.20, The interest rate was also reduced from 6.0% to 3.875%


Approved for a proprietary mod pending a 3 month TPP. TPP is from 09.01.2013 to 11.01.2013. Old: $948.23, New: $1372.16, an increase of $423.93 but her interest rate reduced from 6% to 4.875% for 1st 5 yrs then fixed of 5.25% after that.


George is in the construction business & has had a large decrease of income since 2009. He had received 2 prior modifications in the past, then been declined 2 additional times afterward by his investor. After completing this recent review with our office he was offered another modification offer.


DeBorah was approved for a HAMP partial claim Modification, Old: $906.07, New: $696.13, $15,656.45 Interest free, not due until first mortgage is paid in full, Rate down from 7.03% to 4.5%

New Jersey

The terms of the loan had been previously modified, already at 2% fixed rate interest & stretched to a 40-year loan. His debt-to-income ratio was also at 28%. Due to not having anywhere for the lender to stretch the terms of the loan, was offered a repayment plan.

New Mexico

New: $735.97 (escrowed), Old: $754.47, Int. rate 4.25%, Term 360 mths, Loan is past due for (25 months) $18,570.95. Mod will bring loan current.

New York

James was one year delinquent he was approved for a modification with a new payment of $3038.47 and new interest rate of 3.75% fixed (old payment $3146.81 old interest 5.2%


Terry received a permanent modification agreement that requires him to make payment of $966.49 starting 3/1/2014. The payment was $1184.00 and was decreased to $966.49. That’s a savings of $217.51 per month!


Harold went from his existing payment of $1411.06 and it decreased to $1199.05. This is a savings of $212.01 and this client greatly appropriates the adjustments.


Ted was Approved for in house mod, Payments went from $1414.46 to $1394.00, Current past due is 15,773.54 with 11 months behind.


Ira received a modification agreement that requires him to make a payment of $908.32 starting 3/1/2014. When the client came to us, his payment was $1439.90.This modification saves him $531.58 every month!


Dana fell a year behind due to some unexpected expenses on her home. Her payment was raised from $968.18 to $986.99, but she was able to save her home from foreclosure.


Matthew & Nicole are saving $44.74 each month. Their payment was lowered from $1310.14 to $1265.40.


Tiffany was paying $506. 71 every month. Now she is saving $33.25 a month with her lower payment of $473.46.


Delores was originally paying $753.83. She is now saving $153.47 a month with her new payment of $600.36.


Harold fell 19months behind after suffering a reduction in his income. Modification brought him current and lowered his payment from $1375.62 to $1336.11, a monthly savings of $39.51.


Patrick started out paying $920.26 for his mortgage. His payment is now $789.66, saving him $130.60 each month.

New Jersey

Elba is saving $321.20 each month with her new payment of $1687 .51. She was originally paying $2008.71.


Mary and Donald fell behind after some medical issues. Their payment was raised from $1329.00 to $1460.63, but they were very happy because they were able to stay in their home and begin making payments once again.


William and Erika were paying $840.00 each month. Modification brought them current, and even though their payment was raised slightly to $857.51, they were thrilled to be able to save their home.


Robert fell nearly 3 years behind on his mortgage. Modification brought him current, saved his home from foreclosure, and saves him $43.18 every single month as his payment was lowered from $870.96 to $827.78.


Christopher and Delores were paying $494.92 a month on their mortgage. They are now paying $264.25, saving them $230.67 every month.


Maggie was paying $1555.42 a month, but now is saving $347.46 each month with her new payment of$1207.96.


Curt and Rebecca were paying $2126.10 a month. Now they are paying $1889.48, saving them $236.62 every month.

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